An argumentative essay

An argumentative essay is a composition written or presented in order to win the audience or reader to the writer or speaker’s side with convincing and reasonable points. Examples of argumentative essay or composition are:

Boys are more useful to the parent than girls. Boarding school is better than day school. Etc.

Elements of Writing

The elements of writing are:

  1. Title or topic of the essay
  2. Introduction
  3. The body of the essay
  4. Conclusion

Format of an Argumentative Essay

Good day, Mr. Chairman, the panel of judges, accurate time keeper, ladies and gentlemen, co-debater and the distinguished listener. My name is ……………, I am here or writing to support or oppose the motion that states that …………….


With these convincing points, I have raised, I hope I have been able to convince you that ———


  1. Write the format of introduction of an argumentative composition.
  2. Write the concluding part of an argumentative composition.

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