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  • Adverb

    The main function of an adverb is to give more information about a verb. An adverb is said to modify a verb because it limits the word it describes in some way. Thus, modifying the verb walk with the adverb quickly means that we know that we are concentrating on walking quickly and that we can forget about walking in any other way. Adverbs can also modify […]

  • Poetry

    A poem is a piece of creative writing that is usually written in verse while poetry is collection of poems. Types of Poetry The types of poetry include: Epic: Epic poems are long serious poems that tell story of a heroic figure. Lyric: This poem can be sung. It expresses the poet’s thoughts and feelings. Ode: Odes are […]

  • Speech writing

    Speech Writing is, in most cases, in a form of end-of-a-year speech, prize-giving day speech or other forms of speech-making occasions whereby one is required to deliver a speech. Speech writing demands the skill of writing almost as one speaks. Useful Hints on How to Write a Good Speech (1) Content: The content depends on […]

  • The Importance of Punctuation and Letter case

    Punctuation is the use of certain established marks (punctuation marks) or symbols within a piece of written text. Punctuation prevents a piece of text from being just a string of words by breaking up the string of words into meaningful units and by making the text more fluent. Basically, punctuation marks can be seen as symbols which are used to […]

  • Expository Essay

    Meaning and Types of Expository Writing Expository essay is a type of essay that explains a process, an action and how things work. It is somewhat like a descriptive essay in that it contains a great deal of description, but it also explains how things operate in relation with other thing. It gives information and […]

  • Determiners (Meaning, Types and Functions of Determiners).

    A determiner is a word that is used in front of a noun or pronoun to give some information about it. Formerly, determiners were classified as adjectives. However, because, unlike adjectives, determiners do not, strictly speaking ‘describe’ a noun or pronoun, the modern grammatical practice is to draw a distinction between them. Thus, the category determiner has been created. Types of Determiners […]

  • Drama: Drama text, themes, features related to literary terms

    Drama is a play written for actors and actresses to perform on stage before an audience, on radio or television. It is basically a performing art and therefore depends on action for its effectiveness. It involves the originating of forms which relates to action, language, characters of a story and a play. Drama is that […]

  • An argumentative essay

    An argumentative essay is a composition written or presented in order to win the audience or reader to the writer or speaker’s side with convincing and reasonable points. Examples of argumentative essay or composition are: Boys are more useful to the parent than girls. Boarding school is better than day school. Etc. Elements of Writing The […]

  • Letter Writing (Guided Writing – Emphasis on Arrangement of Ideas in a Logical Sequence)

    Letter writing can be divided into two, formal letter and informal letter.  Whatever type one is writing, the ideas therein must be logical and arranged in sequential order. Formal letters are written to offices. It is also known as business or official letters. Informal letters are written to relatives. It is also called a private […]

  • Future Tenses

    There are four major divisions of future tense; they are the Simple Future, the Future Continuous, the Future Perfect, and the Future Perfect Continuous. This is the expression of future event that has not taken place. It is coming on the way. The two words that we can use to express the future tense are will and shall. […]