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  • Review on the Genres of Literature (Prose, Poetry and Drama)

    The Genres of Literature The genres of literature are the varieties of literature that we have. These genres are: drama, prose and poetry. Genres are often divided into sub-genres. Prose is divided into fiction and non-fiction, while poetry may then be subdivided into epic, lyric, sonnet, ode, etc. Subdivisions of drama include foremost comedy and […]

  • Adverbs: Types and features

    The main function of an adverb is to give more information about a verb. An adverb is said to modify a verb because it limits the word it describes in some way. Thus, modifying the verb walk with the adverb quickly means that we know that we are concentrating on walking quickly and that we can forget about walking in any other way. Adverbs can also modify […]

  • Free Business brochure Templates download for tech Startups

    Here are our top free Business brochure Templates download for tech startups and companies. Click on your preferred business brochure template to download, No registration is needed. 1. Tech Startup Brochure Easy to use Brochure template best for tech companies and startups. Download Free Brochure (business) template here 2. Tech Company Brochure Great for any […]