Drama: Drama text, themes, features related to literary terms

Drama is a play written for actors and actresses to perform on stage before an audience, on radio or television. It is basically a performing art and therefore depends on action for its effectiveness. It involves the originating of forms which relates to action, language, characters of a story and a play. Drama is that arm of literature that is divided into acts and scenes. Someone who writes a play or drama text is a playwright. (Use recommended text).

Theme is the main idea in a drama or prose. Some of the themes in the play are: theme of affection, cultism, cultural identity, wrong decision, etc.

Features of Drama

(i) It is meant to be performed on stage for audiences to watch.

(ii) It involves dialogue.

(iii) It involves the interaction of many people.

(iv) It makes the audience partake fully or partially as a play is being acted.

(v) It could be written in verse or in prose. In other words, in terms of language, drama too makes use of words that are made fully meaningful by the actors and actresses.

Features Related to Literary Terms

Literary terms include the following theme, plot, characterization, theme, plot, characterization, character, style, setting, etc.

Theme: This is the main subject or idea in a book, film, discussion, etc.

Plot: This refers to the events that form the main story of a book, film or play.

Characters: Characters are the people in a book, play or film.

Style: This is the way a literary work is written.

Setting: This has to do with the place or time in which the events in a book or film happen.


Mention five features of drama in relation to Vengeance of the Spirit by Maxwell Onyeka.

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