Expository Essay

Meaning and Types of Expository Writing

Expository essay is a type of essay that explains a process, an action and how things work. It is somewhat like a descriptive essay in that it contains a great deal of description, but it also explains how things operate in relation with other thing. It gives information and at the same time instructs. The following are topics for expository writing:

(i) A traditional marriage ceremony

(ii) The preparation of my favourite food

(iii) How bean balls are produced from beans

(iv) The way to the staff quarters from the school block etc.

Features of Expository Writing

  1. It is written with the standard structure of introduction, body, and conclusion.
  2. It is written in the present tense.
  3. It requires clarity and precision.
  4. It demands systematic thinking and concise use of language.


Expository Writing is organized into Introduction, Body; and Conclusion. The body gives a step by step explanation of the processes involved.

A Typical Expository Essay Outline

  2. Introduction
  3. My favorite meal (White rice and stew).
  4. Body

(i) Step one: Get the utensils ready

(ii) Step two: Preliminary cooking or Par boiling especially ‘rice’

(iii) Step three: Preparation of the stew

(iv) Step four: Proper cooking of the sauce.

Conclusion: General summary of the subject matter.


  1. What is an expository essay?
  2. Mention the features of expository essay.

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