Future Tenses

There are four major divisions of future tense; they are the Simple Future, the Future Continuous, the Future Perfect, and the Future Perfect Continuous.

This is the expression of future event that has not taken place. It is coming on the way. The two words that we can use to express the future tense are will and shall. Both can be used with ‘I and We’.

On the other hand, will is used with other pronouns such as: you, she, he, it etc. E.g.

  1. I shall travel next week.
  2. We shall meet next year.
  3. He will do it again.
  4. They will pay your money.
  5. She will bring it for us.

The Simple Future


  1. I  will finish the work tomorrow.
  2. He will arrive next Saturday.

The Future Continuous


  1. He will be waiting for us.
  2. They will be arriving tomorrow.

The Future Perfect


  1. She would have finished the work by Wednesday.
  2. Sola would have cleaned the room before the guests arrive.
  3. They would have eaten breakfast by the time he gets up.

The Future Perfect Continuous


  1. By next January, she will have been living here for a year.
  2. You will have been travelling a great deal by the time you return home.
  3. He will have been working for ten months by the time he takes his vacation.

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