Letter Writing (Guided Writing – Emphasis on Arrangement of Ideas in a Logical Sequence)

Letter writing can be divided into two, formal letter and informal letter.  Whatever type one is writing, the ideas therein must be logical and arranged in sequential order. Formal letters are written to offices. It is also known as business or official letters. Informal letters are written to relatives. It is also called a private letter.

Types of Formal Letters

  1. Application for employment
  2. Application for Admission to Educational institutions
  3. Petitions to a Government office
  4. Letters of complaint to the police
  5. Letters of inquiry to a company
  6. Letter commenting on Editorials of Newspapers
  7. Applications for suppliers to manufacturing companies

Features of Formal Letters

  1. Address of the writer
  2. Address of the addressee
  3. Salutation
  4. The letter heading
  5. The body of the letter
  6. The Conclusion
  7. Subscript i.e. Yours faithfully.

Features of an Informal Letter

  1. The address of the writer by the top right side of the letter.
  2. The salutation: Dear Segun, Dear Uncle.
  3. The body of the letter which comprises the introduction, the main reason of writing the letter (subject matter) and the conclusion, which is the summary and rounding off of the letter.
  4. Complementary close: yours sincerely.

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