A poem is a piece of creative writing that is usually written in verse while poetry is collection of poems.

Types of Poetry

The types of poetry include:

  1. Epic: Epic poems are long serious poems that tell story of a heroic figure.
  2. Lyric: This poem can be sung. It expresses the poet’s thoughts and feelings.
  3. Ode: Odes are poems which are serious in nature and written to a set a structure.
  4. Ballads: Ballad poems are poems that tell story similar to a folk tale or legend and often has a repeated refrain. A ballad is often about love and often sung.
  5. Dirge: This poem laments over a dead person.
  6. Sonnets: Sonnets are lyric poems that are 14 lines long.
  7. Elegy: A sad poem especially about someone who is dead.


  1. What is poetry
  2. Define poem.
  3. Explain five types of poems.

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