Review on the Genres of Literature (Prose, Poetry and Drama)

The Genres of Literature

The genres of literature are the varieties of literature that we have. These genres are: drama, prose and poetry.

Genres are often divided into sub-genres. Prose is divided into fiction and non-fiction, while poetry may then be subdivided into epic, lyric, sonnet, ode, etc. Subdivisions of drama include foremost comedy and tragedy, while e.g. comedy itself has sub-genres, including farce, comedy of manners, burlesque, satire, and so on.


Prose refers to the free flow long narrative that may take the form of fiction or non- fiction and often occurs as novels, biographies, short stories and essays. Someone who writes a prose work or novel is known as a novelist or an author. For example (The Costly Mistake by Chinelo Ifezulike).


This is a story in dialogue form. It could also be referred to as a play especially when is acted on stage. It is a story of human conflict projected by means of speech and action from a stage to an audience. Someone who writes a drama is called a playwright. For example:  Vengeance of the Spirit by Maxwell Onyeka.


Poetry is a collection of poems, while a poem is a piece of creative writing that is usually written in verse. Poetry can be defined as an imaginative rendition that gives powerful expression to experiences, ideas and feelings in a metaphoric language. Poetry is conveyed in a condensed language. For example the poem ‘Nightfall’ by Oiwona Andrew)


  1. What are genres of literature?
  2. Mention and explain the genres of literature.

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