Speech writing

Speech Writing is, in most cases, in a form of end-of-a-year speech, prize-giving day speech or other forms of speech-making occasions whereby one is required to deliver a speech. Speech writing demands the skill of writing almost as one speaks.

Useful Hints on How to Write a Good Speech

(1) Content: The content depends on the topic you are given but your points must be relevant to the topic on which you are writing your speech.

(2) Organization: In speech writing, you should imagine that you have an audience listening to you. Therefore you are expected to start your speech with the usual vocatives:  Chairman, Member of Staff, Ladies and Gentlemen…..your audience depends on the question you are answering: your question will definitely give you an idea who your audience is.

(3) Expression: Speech Writing demands a good command of language. Use simple sentences because it is important that you should, make your audience follow your line of thought. Don’t use slangs and colloquial expressions. Speech making is meant for oral delivery, therefore, you can make use of words like don’t, didn’t, doesn’t etc. In addressing your audience, you can use words like, you, our, we, you and I.

Model Speech Writing

As the President of Red Cross Society, write a speech you will deliver at the official launching of the branch of the society in your school.

Honourable Commissioner for Health, Lagos State;

President of Lagos State Chapter of the Nigerian Red Cross Society,

Our respected Principal,

Chairman and members of the Parents-Teachers Association,

Fellow students,

Ladies and gentle and Gentlemen.

On behalf of my colleagues, I welcome you all to this occasion of the launching of our school’s Branch of the Red Cross Society. Today marks a …………………………………………..

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